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Mental Wellness: It Starts With You

Encouraging you to find an outlet that helps you stay mentally happy and healthy.

Life can get stressful sometimes, so it's important to have a creative outlet to boost your mood and help you energize when you're feeling down.


What is your outlet?

Discovering your outlet might require some time and experimentation, but it's crucial to persist until you find what resonates with you.


In search of outlet ideas? Consider exploring options such as listening to music, going for a run or walk, volunteering at local non-profits, reading, coloring, drawing, taking a class at a community center, spending time with friends, or journaling. Identify activities that bring you mental joy and contribute to your overall well-being—the possibilities are limitless!


Participate in Erin's weekly “What’s Your Outlet?” challenge, encouraging you to find an activity that helps you relax or energize when you're feeling low. Share your chosen outlet with Erin on social media using the hashtag #whatsyouroutlet, allowing her to see and appreciate your fantastic posts!


Visit Erin's social media pages for additional inspiration to help you discover your ideal outlet. Find her at @missamericasteenks.


Mental health resources encompass a variety of support services designed to promote emotional well-being and address mental health concerns. These resources may include access to licensed therapists and counselors, support groups, crisis hotlines, online mental health platforms, and educational materials to foster understanding and awareness about mental health issues. Organizations such as HopeNet Wichita, the National Alliance on Mental Illness Wichita, and the Mental Health Association offer counseling, coaching, support groups, and more.

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