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Miss Kansas Organization
Woman of Kansas: Engaged & Empowered
Leadership Recognition Award

The “Women of Kansas: Engaged & Empowered Leadership Recognition Award was established in 2015 by the Miss Kansas Organization to honor Miss Kansas 2014, Amanda Sasek. Through her platform, “Find Your Strength: Engage to Empower”, Amanda inspired women to overcome obstacles and purse their dreams by educating women about helpful resources, encouraging women to support women’s organizations and challenging women to build mentoring networks.

During her year-of-service and through personal interviews, Amanda connected with over 60 inspirational women leaders of all different ages and backgrounds. Each woman shared their stories, advice, and resources to help inspire other women. With each interview, Amanda gathered inspiring quotes and valuable advice and tips for women! Her Women of Kansas interviews were featured on the Miss Kansas Organization website and on social media during her year of service.

In celebration of the 60th consecutive year of Miss Kansas held in Pratt (June 2014) and in recognition of Miss Kansas 2014, Amanda Sasek, a “Woman of Kansas” will be selected annually to receive the Woman of Kansas: Engaged & Empowered Leadership Recognition Award. The selection will be made from nominations received from local and state volunteers, current or former Miss Kansas contestants, Miss Kansas Organization sponsors or former Miss Kansas titleholders. Nominees cannot be affiliated with the Miss Kansas Organization. The person making the nomination should provide a one page typed summary, which includes the following information:

1. Nominee’s full name and mailing address, email address and cell phone number.
2. Nominee’s profession and current job title and company (if applicable).
3. Nominee’s community service activities and affiliated organizations.
4. A paragraph about the nominee (or biography).
5. How the nominee represents and embodies the following criteria:
     • Inspires women to overcome obstacles and purse their dreams
     • Educates women about helpful resources
     • Encourages women to support women’s organizations
     • Aids in building mentoring networks for women
     • Is an “engaged and empowered” woman and actively advocates, mentors, and supports other women to be “engaged and empowered”
     • Is actively involved in volunteer service and community engagement
     • Demonstrates leadership, inclusion, and compassion for other women and is respected as a result of her actions and character
     • Has achieved personal and professional success because of her accomplishment

A copy of the nominee’s resume should also be provided if available.

The Woman of Kansas: Engaged & Empowered Leadership Recognition Award recipient and nominees will be recognized during Miss Kansas Pageant week activities. The nomination deadline is April 1.

Nominations should be sent to:

Miss Kansas Organization,
%Women of Kansas Nomination,
Box 8611
Pratt, Kansas 67124.

You can download a PDF copy of this announcement here.  Please help us spread the word about this award!


Miss & Teen Competition Dates postponed to
May 29 & 30, 2021

Pratt Community College in Pratt, KS
Miss Kansas - Dennis Lesh Sports Arena
Miss Kansas' Outstanding Teen - Carpenter Auditorium